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MARCH 17 | 2022




11:00—12:00 CET

We can’t wait 257 years for equal pay: How to close the gender pay gap.


A Workshop by Pihr

Welcome to our workshop, where we will discuss what causes pay disparity and why it still exists.


Also, we will clarify what companies need to do to comply with legislation around Equal Pay and Active Measures. Also, we will glimpse into the future and help you understand the consequences of the new EU legislation coming in the year 2024.


14:00—15:00 CET

What we put into the world matters: How do we start acting on diversity and inclusion in our communication, branding, and products?

A Workshop by NoA

We are at the forefront of what meets the outside world of many businesses: What do we show, tell and create for end customers?


Join us in a motivational talk and begin your own brief action plan on how you can make a change.

Hosted by NoA:

Annie Sanditen

Louise Hvenegaard

Anne-Sofie Spangsberg

Ekaterina Orlova


14:00—15:00 CET

ABoard and SHE making diversifying boards ABoard was created based on a belief that greater diversification in the board rooms will contribute to even greater value creation.

A Workshop by Aboard

Aboard challenges this. We promote and present an alternative based on great diversity, a highly competent, engaged, and motivated resource base for board work. We hope you will join our quest. Together we can contribute to positive development.


16:00—17:00 CET

The Diversity Definition Gap:
Does our corporate world reflect our society?

A Workshop by Crayon

Diversity in every sense of the word has always been part of Norway for many generations. People of color, LGBTQIA, those with different disabilities. Still yet, there’s not enough representation at the management and top-level positions despite high rates of educated and experienced talent.

Join our workshop to listen to engaging talks by Daniel Siraj and Prisca Bae followed by interactive workshop - facilitated and led by Crayon, in collaboration with Bright Diversity Solutions.

Anker 1

16:10—16:50 CET

Make yourself heard!
A 40 min yoga session with voice training.


A Workshop by Voicecoach Nina Helleland


This workshop is a group session starting with a 20 min yoga session focusing on relaxation, and breath - followed by voice training - using specific techniques to power your voice.


The workshop can take 40 participants: first come, first served! Join in for a restful and empowering session giving you valuable tools to apply in your everyday life!


14:15—15:00 CET

Workplace of the Future

A Workshop by EY


How does the working life of the future facilitate that employees' wishes for flexibility contribute to an inclusive, diverse, and equal working environment?


We have room for ten participants from each company, so you are welcome to forward this invitation to colleagues.

Hosted by EY:

Christin Bøsterud // Country Managing Partner, EY Norway

Helga Aune // Partner og advokat, EY

Daniela Milosevska Hamborg // Associate Partner, EY

Bjørnar Skas // Head of Workforce Advisory, EY

Cecilie Kjeldsberg // Manager, EY

TE Lockup RGB WHITE.png

11:00—12:00 CET

Girls & Technology

A Workshop by Tietoevry


Welcome to our workshop on how we can attract more women into tech and make women choose tech as an education.


This is a collaboration with a project led by NHO called "Girls & Technology". The project is based on the principle that gender equality is sustainable. Tietoevry is happy to invite you to this workshop and participation involves active participation.


This workshop will be operational with clear actions points. Let your voice be heard!


16:00—17:00 CET

Gender diversity in recruitment of leaders

A Workshop by MeyerHaugen

The recruitment company MeyerHaugen together with Former Minister of Finance and Board Director at MeyerHaugen, Siv Jensen, and newly appointed President of Norwegian Football Association (NFF), Lise Klaveness, to discuss how we can increase and ensure gender diversity in the recruitment of future leaders.

MeyerHaugen invites you to a live podcast session with Siv Jensen and Lise Klaveness, debating how we attract and retain more female leaders. 


Welcome to a lively, passionate debate facilitated by Managing Partner, Petter Meyer.

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