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APRIL 11 | 2024





Building a more sustainable Future

Trends in impact investing, and opportunities & challenges with scaling impact startups!

Hosted by Antler


Market trends in impact investing

Keynote by Anna Munthe-Kaas // Associate Partner at Antler

Opportunities & challenges with scaling impact startups!


Kathrine Lærke Søndergaard // Investment Professional at Ferd Impact Investing
Lene Elizabeth Hodge // Investment Manager at Nysnø Climate Investments
Even Kvelland // Co-Founder & CCO at Glint Solar
Kristine Bangstad Fredriksen // Co-Founder & CEO Ocean Oasis

Anna Munthe-Kaas // Associate Partner at Antler


SHE Conference Pitch Competition

Hosted by Antler



Take a look into the future and be at the center of innovation at our startup pitching competition! Six Founders of pre-seed and seed stage startups will pitch their company and demonstrate how their solutions are paving the way for a more sustainable future. Each company will be pitching for 3 minutes, followed by a Q&A with the jury consisting of members from Antler, Nysnø Climate Investments, Storebrand, IF Insurance and more.


Oona Suominen  // Senior Associate at Antler

Jury Members:

Sara Thea Von Zernichow Sponheim // Lead Client Services & Transformation at Storebrand Asset Management 
Maiken Paaske // Associate Partner at Antler 
Regine Larsen Lindtvedt // Head of Market Strategy Nordics at If Insurance 
Karl Liapunov // Head of Energy at Startuplab

Lene Elizabeth Hodge // Investment Manager at Nysnø Climate Investments

​Linn-Cecilie Linnemann // Entrepreneur & Investor


Equal Opportunities and Smart Savings: Storebrand's Vision for Financial Inclusion

Hosted by Storebrand


Storebrand is leading the way in making investments and savings accessible and beneficial for everyone. In this session, you will learn about the Equal Opportunities fund, which invests in companies that provide essential services and promote social and economic equality, and the Kron app, which offers a user-friendly and flexible platform for savers of all backgrounds and goals. 



Danat Tekie  // Manager at Deloitte Norway


Ellen Grieg Andersen // Portfolio Manager for Storebrand Equal Opportunities

Jarle Holm // SVP Strategy and Digital Products Retail at Storebrand

Philip Ripman // Portfolio Manager for Storebrand Global Solutions

Camilla Haveland //  Head of Marketing at Storebrand


Accelerate Capital.png

Is the Green Transition a “Never Never Land” illusion?


Will the Green Transition be stalled by slow, insufficient policy making and a lack of private capital? How do we differentiate sound and realistic Green solutions from the rest of the pack? Who runs the risk of being left behind and have politicians forgotten the social human equity part of the equation in their eagerness to please voters?


What are the solutions to getting enough commodities, green energy, and technological innovation to drive the transition forward? 


How should long-term private capital be deployed to drive the scalability to reach the goals of more than 50% CO2 reduction within 2030 and net zero within 2050, that many governments have?


Or have we created our own “Never NeverLand” illusion?



Nadia Martin Wiggen // Director at Svelland Capital

Harald Sætvedt // CEO Accelerate Capital



Lead by the Chair at Accelerate Capital,  

Ole Eikeland





The Secret:

Transform Your Way of Listening


Hosted by Telenor


Dive into this year's theme: "Listen. Learn. Act.”. The content of this session will remain a secret until you are seated. But it can be revealed that this session will challenge you – and maybe even change you a bit...This session is a learning opportunity. 


Don't miss the chance to be part of this experience that will empower you to make a difference in your world.


Maja Stjern Flakne  // Head of Section in Technology OSS at Telenor

Marius Bråthen // Product Owner & Head of Young Professional Network at Telenor



Are You Toxic?


Hosted by Telenor


Many girls struggle to be taken seriously in the gaming world, and it's not uncommon for female gamers to conceal their gender to avoid uncomfortable situations. Both children and youth in Norway face bullying and exclusion on the internet, at school, in sports and in other activities. And one of the reasons is "toxic behavior." Can we accept this as the norm?


Meet Cecilie, who has faced death threats online, Tor-Steinar, who tries to set norms in gaming, Elin who manages all E-Sport in Norway, Khalid, a researcher now working in the Police, Haider, an 18-year-old footballer awarded for his contribution to inclusion, and renowned researcher Beate from NTNU. 


The debate is hosted by BRUK HUE, Telenor and Red Cross’ longstanding educational program fighting digital bullying and exclusion. 




Beate Wold Hygen // Associate professor at NTNU

Cecilie Simonsen // Student and Gamer 

Elin Yoojung Moen // Head of The Norwegian E-Sport Association 

Khalid Azam // Superintendent in The National Criminal Investigation Service

Haider Raad // Youth representative on the board of the Norwegian Football Association and chairman of Lisleby FK

Tor-Steinar Nastad Tangedal // Founder of and leader of the Good Game league

Ragnhild Mathisen // Head of Corporate Affairs in Telenor Norway 


Ana Brodtkorb // Head of Sustainability in Telenor Norway



​Lost In Translation:

Empower the Action


Hosted by BI Norwegian Business School


This session will emphasize the actions of the "Young" generation and encourage you to make your impact. It will be a session in which you are included and where we will make space to learn from each other. Additionally, the session will explore how the actions of the established businesses both empower and utilize the coming generation and their ideas.


Lise Tholin Lien // Project Manager BI Startup


Natália Pavlovska // Founder of WomanUP Slovakia and BI Student 

Enis Salimzadeh // Co-founder of Local Bloom and BI Student 

Ife Obasa // Public Speaker & Education Consultant

Lina Daouk-Öyri // Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology at BI Norwegian Business School

Stine Drøpping // System Design Analyst at AutoStore


​Make People Care


Hosted by KO.LAB by JCP


In a world where everything evolves, the art of communication is undergoing a transformation.


Prepare to be intrigued and inspired as we dive into the future of communication, understanding its impact not just on how companies talk, but more importantly, on how we listen and respond. This is a discussion you wouldn’t want to miss, offering insights that could redefine the way you perceive corporate communication and its potential to create meaningful engagement.


Elisabeth Neofytou // Senior Communication Specialist at JCP


Jahn Erling Meggelæ Øverli // Rhetorician and Communication Director at JCP 

Dr. Laura Penn // Founder of the Leadership Speaking School




Intelligent Future: 

Exploring the Boundless Opportunities and Ethical Imperatives of AI


Hosted by Deloitte


Discover the limitless possibilities and ethical considerations of AI at the "Intelligent Future" session. As developers, decision-makers, and members of society, we hold responsibility for the development and implementation of AI systems, so how can we ensure fairness, reliability, and accountability? Join us as we delve into the impact of AI on the art world and society, exploring potential threats and advancements. Can you differentiate between a real person and an AI-generated image? And whose intellectual property is AI generated content? The user, the model developers or those who have created the material the AI model is trained on?

Gain valuable insight into our intelligent future and explore the path forward with intention and integrity.


Birgitte Cathrine Ada // Head of Innovation and Research at MUNCH

Endre Rieber Sommersten // Manager in AI & Data at Deloitte 

Zairah Malik // Senior Manager in AI & Data at Deloitte

Cecilia Flatum // Head of Consulting at Deloitte Norway


Humanity in the Age of AI:

Navigating Ethics and Innovation


Hosted by Deloitte


Join us at SHE Conference 2024 for 'Humanity in the Age of AI: Navigating Ethics and Innovation'. Our panel, with experts from innovation, healthcare, and law, will explore AI's transformative impact and ethical complexities. We'll discuss AI's benefits, challenges, and strategies for enhancing human connection through technological advancement. Learn about fostering diversity and inclusion in tech and gain insights from industry leaders. This session is a must-attend for anyone interested in the intersection of AI, ethics, and societal progress. Don't miss this chance to explore AI's future role. 


Silje Emilienne Aanderud-Larsen // Chief Technology Officer at Deloitte Advokatfirma

Alexander Haneng // Director of Innovation and Sustainability at NHO Service and Trade

Jarle Moss Hildrum // Director at Deloitte Consulting Norway

Dr. Ishita Barua //Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer at Livv Health

Ieva Martinkenaite // Head of Telenor Research and Innovation


How do we keep Norway from falling behind in the digital race? 

IT competence is crucial for our national security and to secure a well-functioning society for the future. In 2030, Norway will need an additional 40,000 professionals with IT education. What is keeping us from resolving the competence gap? How can we address this challenge? 

Twoday has brought together a panel of esteemed experts to address this pivotal issue shaping Norway's future.

Fredrik Syversen // Strategy & Business Development Director at IKT-Norge 



Anette Trettebergstuen // Labour and Social Affairs Committee Member, Former Minister of Culture and Equality of Norway 

Kristin Rotevatn Nyberg // CEO at Twoday 

Guro Rørvik // Head of the National Center for STEM Recruitment

Amalie Nystuen // Project Manager in Ada and Technology Student 



SHE Leads.png

From Words to Action

The Impact of Systematic and Practical Leadership Training


SHE Leads by Ordtilhandling 


Who or what creates results in a business? The systems or the people? If we believe that people create results - what is more important to prioritize than the development of people, culture, and performance? In this session you can learn how to create impact through  systematic leadership training & development, following the 4 principles of “Words to Action”.



Hulda Haugen // Leadership Trainer at Ordtilhandling

Stina Hofgaard Røsjø // Leadership Trainer at Ordtilhandling

Anker 1



Skjermbilde 2024-02-14 kl. 09.22.36.png


Innovation through Diverse Perspectives


Hosted by Polestar 


Discover new connections and paths less taken.

True innovation thrives on diversity, extending  beyond  conventional boundaries of gender and ethnicity. It involves a rich tapestry of varied perspectives, theories, and academic disciplines. 


Kristin Fjeld // Head of Communications at Polestar Norway

Arlena Amiri // Head of Advanced Engineering at Polestar

Babak Behrad // Planner & Partner at Trigger


Skjermbilde 2024-02-14 kl. 09.22.36.png

Innovation through Diverse Perspectives


Hosted by Polestar 


Discover new connections and paths less taken.

True innovation thrives on diversity, extending  beyond  conventional boundaries of gender and ethnicity. It involves a rich tapestry of varied perspectives, theories, and academic disciplines. 


Kristin Fjeld // Head of Communications at Polestar Norway

Sarah Juhl Gregersen // Stockholm Resilience Centre

Babak Behrad // Planner & Partner at Trigger


The Importance of Commitment

Leadership during global crisis


We need visible leaders who clearly distance themselves from extremist ideologies and war crimes. Silence can be misinterpreted as consent.


In a world grappling with humanitarian crises and social injustice, the role of leaders, corporations, and us as individual human beings in speaking out and taking action is more crucial than ever. This session will delve into the reasons why leaders cannot afford to remain silent on humanitarian issues and explore the evolving landscape of corporate responsibility in the face of social injustice and violence.



Kristina Bolstad Picard //  Senior Advisor & Associated Partner at Geelmuyden Kiese

Lindis Hurum // Secretary General of Doctors Without Borders Norway

Kristine Kotte-Eriksen // Keynote Speaker and Social Sustainability Advisor



Perspectives Redefining Norms 

Gender Equity Efforts for Impactful Change


Hosted by CARE 


This thought-provoking session facilitated by CARE is for individuals and businesses who want to work more, and better, with gender equity. We will explore and highlight concrete and actionable examples of inspiring and authentic work to promote gender equity across sectors.



Helga Brøgger //  DNV Researcher AI in Healthcare

Cromwell Ellie // VP of DEI and Talent Management at Yara 

Kaj-Martin Georgsen // General Secretary at CARE

Hilde Sofie Pettersen //  Communications Director at CARE Norway




Changing the game for a Just Transition 


Hosted by Hydro


The world is changing, and so must we. For us, changing the game means to produce aluminium with the lowest climate and nature footprint in the world, in a fair and just way for the people impacted. We must involve our stakeholders closely in every step. It is our responsibility to provide decent jobs, create viable local communities and ensure our suppliers respect human rights. In this session, you will hear about the dilemmas and challenges we are facing in our local communities as an industry- and renewable energy company. You will hear about how we try to change the game for a Just Transition, by showing examples from our operations in Brazil and the Nordics. We do not have all the answers yet, but we will share fresh insight into what we believe works and what does not.  



Nina Schefte // Head of Social Responsibility - Group Sustainability at Hydro

Milene Maues // Partnership Manager Sustainability at Belem

Jørgen Hanson // CSR Manager at Hydro

Erik Nilsson // Project Manager at EOLUS VIND AB


Fueling the Future:

Navigating a World on Fire with Resilient, Sustainable Organizations 


Hosted by Hydro


Amidst upheaval, the call for sustainable businesses and solutions resonates profoundly. Join us as we share our journey from building companies to navigating uncertainty, exemplified through our recently established company Hydro Rein, where resilience amidst chaos has been our guiding light. Discover the invaluable lessons learned in championing diversity, fostering stress resilience, and cultivating a robust organizational culture. Together, let's embark on a journey to explore pathways towards sustainable growth in turbulent times.   


Nina Bjorøy Thue // Vice President People & HSE at Hydro Energy

Eeva Kantanen // Chief Legal & People Officer at Hydro Rein

Lars Christian Larsen // CEO at Vidde



Driving Forward:

The Intersection of New Electric Vehicle Makers and ESG Frontiers in Sustainable Transportation

Hosted by XPENG

New Electric Vehicle Makers Entering the Global Stage

Today marks a pivotal moment as we witness the fusion of Norway's electric infrastructure prowess and the emergence of Chinese carmakers onto the global stage. Norway was the first market for many Chinese electric car manufacturers, but now Chinese brands are increasing sales throughout Europe. While several European car manufacturers are reducing their level of electric ambition, Chinese car brands are increasing sales throughout Europe. Join us for a discussion about the road ahead together with the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.


Christina Bu // General Secretary, Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association

Claes Persson // Managing Director,  XPENG Motors Norway

Navigating ESG Frontiers in the Quest for Sustainable Transportation

Norway's electric infrastructure prowess, coupled with its steadfast dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, including compliance with the Norwegian Transparency Act, lays a solid foundation for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Meanwhile, Chinese carmakers, exemplified by XPENG, are making waves on the global stage with their cutting-edge technologies and visionary outlook. As we delve into discussions surrounding ESG, let us shine a light on the transparency and accountability vital for steering us towards a cleaner, greener future.


Therese Trulsen // Specialist Counsel, Wikborg Rein, Oslo

Claes Persson // Managing Director, XPENG Motors Norway


From Molecules to Electrons

Driving the Energy transition by utilizing cross field expertise and building an unstoppable culture.


Hosted by ODA-Network 


In this session we embark on a journey to explore the synergy between technology and energy. Hosted by Alis Wiken Wilson, who combines her tech expertise as a software developer with advocacy for diversity through ODA-Network, this session aims to highlight how integrating diverse disciplines can spur sustainable energy solutions.


Joining her are distinguished speakers Camilla Magelssen, with her extensive experience in IT and energy, driving forward Cegal's mission to lead in global technology solutions for the energy industry, and Hannah Mary Goodlad, who brings a wealth of experience from her diverse roles at Equinor, ranging from subsurface hydrocarbon development to leadership in renewables and low carbon initiatives. Together, we'll uncover the critical role of culture, diversity, and innovation in the energy transition, setting the stage for a discussion that's not only about the technicalities but also about the collective mindset needed to navigate the complexities of our time.



Alis Wiken Wilson //  Software Developer at Forte Digital & Volunteer in ODA-Network

Camilla Magelssen // Chief Services Officer at Cegal

Hannah Mary Goodlad // Head of Portfolio & Strategy Asia Pacific Renewables at Equinor




Case Study: The Journey of Entrepreneurship 

Ulrikke Lien // CEO and co-founder of Sensorita 

Jørn Haanæs // Seed Investor & Entrepreneur


What Does Investors Look For?


Peder Hjermann // Investment Manager at Runway FBU 

Jørn Haanæs // Seed Investor & Entrepreneur


An Unconventional Startup   

Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid // Founder and co-CEO Whee! 

Jørn Haanæs // Seed Investor & Entrepreneur


How to Secure Funding and Utilise Your Network 

Niloufar Gharavi // Secretary General at Euro Nordic Funding Alliance 

Jørn Haanæs // Seed Investor & Entrepreneur

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