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Promoting change until all are included​

Behind gender, background, and titles, we are all human beings. We all have a valuable perspective. And the world is poorer without it. Still, the bulk of our leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs come from the same overrepresented group.​  Social — Human — Equity (SHE) was born with a desire to end this lack of balance. To ​change what is inexcusably unjust and create opportunities not ​just for some – but for all of us. And not only because it’s fair. ​ We believe progress will also yield a sustainable long-term growth.​

With equity as the driving force, SHE empowers people to make business fair for everyone. We establish the space, set the agenda, and engage our growing, global community.


We help our partners take their social sustainability efforts to the next level and recognize the interconnectedness of their ESG strategy. Our team offers a vast pool of knowledge, and our consultancy services help ensure that you are not only just always one step ahead, but a changemaker within your sector.

Bridging Innovation, Growth & Social Impact

The SHE Conference is rooted in the development of a cross-sector approach to social sustainability. We believe that social impact is a key factor in driving innovation. When addressing social issues, businesses and organizations can contribute to long-term economic stability. By centring the “S” in ESG and developing more resilient organisational structures and transformative economics promoting social sustainability, we can create a more just society.  


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Astrid Skaugseth


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Amanda Borg


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Lene Beke


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The Story of SHE

SHE Community was founded in 2014 by Heidi Aven and Linn-Cecilie Linneman,  who wanted to do more for the current and coming generations. The first step? Focusing on the current situation and inspiring more women to become leaders and investors.


That step led to SHE Conference on March 8th, 2015. Today, the SHE Conference is the largest social equity conference in Europe.


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