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APRIL 19 | 2023






11:00—11:45 CET

How to be an Attractive Employer for Women - Practices Cross-Sector
Which Synergies Can we Utilize to Facilitate Innovation, Diversity, and Sustainable growth? 



Andy Chen  

// Executive Chairman at Weorder

Anna Tropp // Head of Sustainability at ABG

Kristian B. Fyksen // CEO at ABG Norway
Bjørnar Skas // Managing Partner at BackerSkeie

Kristin Fjeld // Head of Communications at Polestar Norway
Anna Abrahamsson // Head of People at ABG


13:15—14:00 CET

Bridging the Financial Generational Gap
How to Succeed in Tomorrow's Market and foster Financial Inclusion
Jørn Haanæ

Investment Director and Partner at Katapult

Helena von der Esch // Senior Family Advisor at Formue

Panel 1:
Caroline Grundekjøn // Financial Analyst at Infima
Helena von der Esch
 // Senior Family Advisor at Formue
Arild Spandow// Founder and CEO of 
Amesto Group
Cecilie M. Kjeldsberg // Human Rights Country Lead at EY Sustainability Services, Norway 

Panel 2:
Christian Kongolo // Founder at Finans4Alle
Helene Banner // Founder at Let's Just Be Imperfect Ladies
Anne Lindboe // Politician
Shally Shanker // Founder & Managing Partner at AiiM Partners

15:30—16:15 CET

The Future of Sustainable Investing


Jørn Haanæ

Investment Director and Partner at Katapult

Rosa von Krogh // Head of Sustainability at NoA 
Christian Søgaard  // CEO at NoA Consulting
Maria Tallaksen 
 // Partner at Altor Equity Partners
Bjørn Slåtto 
 // CEO at Eika Kapitalforvaltning
Torunn Ølnes  // Investment Manager at Arkwright
Edvard Jansen  // Portfolio Manager, Hedge Funds and Private Credit at Formue






Birgit Liodden 

CEO & Founder of TOOL

11:00—11:45 CET

Women at the Helm: Launches 

Official launches of our 3 global diversity initiatives

High Level Reflections

Erna Solberg //Former Prime Minister of Norway

Johan H. Andresen // Owner & Chair, FERD 

Siri Kalvig // CEO, Nysnö Climate Investments

Lina Constatinovici // Oceans Funders/Innovation 4.4)

Birgit M. Liodden // Founder & Chief Mermaid, TOOL

Scaling Heavy Asset Solutions

Agnes Arnadottir // Co-founder of BRIM Explorer) 

Danielle Southcott // Founder of Veer Voyage & Sailcargo) 

Helene Ree Ruden // Co-founder, Ruden Energy / Ruden Water) 

Patrick Sandahl //Investment Director, Investinor) 

Thina Saltvedt // Chief Analyst Sustainable Finance, Nordea

Enabling Technologies

Federica Maiorano // Co-founder, Spot Ship 

Catharina Frostad // Co-founder, Clean Sea Solutions

Amalie Eilertsen // CEO & Co-founder, Norsjór 

Michelle Williams // CEO Clara Venture Labs, Aker

Milou Slaman // Equinor Lead, Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator

Thale Mjåvatn // Director Startups & Scaleups, Microsoft

13:15—14:00 CET

*OCEAN* From Vision to Reality -Green and Diverse?

The Power of Cargo Owners
Greeting by Børge Brende // President, World Economic Forum

Gaia Felber-Broekaert // Head of Strategy & Operations, 

Friends of Ocean Action, World Economic Forum

Anne Katrine Bjerregaard // Head of Strategy & Sustainability, 

Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping

Lars-Erik Marcussen // Initiator of With Orca,PM Logistics HeidelbergResources Northern Europe

Accelerating Green Shipping

Njål Sævik // CEO/Owner, Havila Shipping ASA

Hedda Felin // CEO, Hurtigruten Norway 

Pia Meling // Managing Director, Grieg Green

An-Magritt Ryste // Director Next Generation Shipping, Kongsberg Maritime 

Pia Meling // Grieg Green

Collaborative Wavemakers

Stine Mundal // President of WISTA #40by30

Jaquelyn Burton // Founder of Captains Without Borders

Ingelin Grimsæth // Vice Chair at SeaHer

15:30—16:15 CET

 ENERGY: Fuelling the Green Shift
Explore goals, barriers & hacks for enabling new energy segments to integrate diversity into the build-up of clean energy capacity for all other industries.

Introduction & appeal from Women´s Energy Club Ukraine, by Valentyna Belyakova, Founder & President & Maryna Ilchuk, Co-founder & Board member

An Ocean of Green Energy

Ingrid Due-Gundersen // CEO at Havfram

Caroline Whittle // Business Development Manager at  Norwegian Offshore Wind

Kristin A. Dahle // Head of Industrial Development at Å Energi

Storage - Breathing Grid

Naja Boone // Director of Marketing and Communication at Morrow Batteries

Frode Hvattum // VP Sustainability at Freyr

Camilla Nilsson  // CEO at Kyoto Group

Onshore - Beyond the Grid

Bjørn Simonsen // Senior Advisor at Heimdall Power// Greenstat

Benedicte Økland // Program Director at ONS Foundation

Ann-Mari Lillejord // EVP Project Development at Scatec



11:00—11:45 CET

Technology as a game changer: Unlocking the potential of social equity in the Metaverse
Diversity, equity and inclusion should be the pillars of the metaverse, our future workplace. How can leaders better understand this evolution and what it means for businesses, organizations and society? 

Eirik Norman Hansen 
// Futurist, Author, Entrepreneur, Senior Researcher

Eirik Norman Hansen 
// Futurist, Author, Entrepreneur, Senior Researcher


Cecilia Flatum // Managing Partner and Head of Consulting at Deloitte Norway
Samina Ansari // Founder & CEO at AVYANNA DIPLOMACY
More speakers to be announced

13:15—14:00 CET

Embedding ESG as a Pillar of Tech and Innovation - Startup Pitching
Frederikke Antonie Schmidt // Founder and Creative Director at Roccamore
Johanne Kropp // Founder and CEO of Peaking Potential 
Donna Kastrati // Founder of Hun Etablerer 
Startup Pitching

9 startup companies pitching 3 min pitch and Q&A with the jury panel



Danat Tekie // Senior Consultant at Monitor Deloitte

Jury Leader:
Linn-Cecilie Linnemann // CEO at Katapult 



15:30—16:15 CET

Humanizing AI: Building trust with Artificial Intelligence as a co-pilot

Danat Tekie // Senior Consultant at Monitor Deloitte

Tor Kramvik Sivertsen // Partner at Deloitte


Sumeet Singh Patpatia // Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging hos Schibsted
Alex Moltzau // AI Policy, Governance, Ethics and International Partnerships at
Ishita Barua// Lead AI in Health Care at Deloitte



Wix Hosts 2-3.png

11:00—11:45 CET

Innovation and Technology - Embedding Diversity in Tomorrow’s Solutions​

Hosted by Sopra Steria

Iselin Songe-Møller 
// Head of Risk & Governance at Sopra Steria
Solfrid Skilbrigt // HR & Strategy Director at Sopra Steria
Stine Aksnes // Director of Sustainability at Sopra Steria
Mahsa Shams // Manager in IT strategy, advisory and sourcing at Sopra Steria
Javad Mushtaq// Impact Leader and DE&I Pioneer
Christoph Lutz // Professor at BI Norwegian Business School
Live Melkild // Student and Head of Boost Her
Miriam Hardarson // Agency Director and  LHBT+ lead at Sopra Steria

13:15—14:00 CET

Can I be my Whole Self at Work?

Hosted by Telenor

Per-Magnus Thompson // Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology at BI Norwegian School of Business
Lina Daouk-Öyry // Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology at BI Norwegian School of Business
Anne-Sofie Åmod // Senior Advisor at Opinion
Elin Andersson // Student NTNU and Event Manager at Boost Henne
Maja Stjern Flakne // Head of Section in Tech at Telenor


15:30—16:15 CET

Rebel With a Cause

Hosted by Aker BP


Aslak Palmstrøm-Augestad 
Senior Commercial Professional at Aker BP 
Gyda Westvold Hansen // Professional Athlete
Birgit Skjelbred-Knudsen // Displine Lead Talent Management & DEIB at Aker BP 
Paula Doyle // Chief Digital Officer at Aker BP
Sofie Valdersnes// Operations Manager at  Subsea Hub, Aker BP
Nora Antonsen // Student NTNU, Marketing Manager at Boost Henne and profile in the documentary «Jævli Flink»

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