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SHE Leads

In Norwegian organizations no more than 22% of top management group members are women. Let’s take action, apply today!

SHE Leads is a leadership development, mentoring and networking program for female leadership talents motivated and ready to join the top management group.

DEC 2020 – MAY 2021


Take the first step. All great leaders do.

SHE encourages partners and companies to encourage their female leaders to participate in the SHE Leads Executive Leadership and Mentorship program, and provides a platform for these phenomenal women to step up, take action and trailblaze the path for female leadership.

All the latest tools: Training labs,
Mentors & Unique Mastermind Groups.

We have carefully selected content, learning design and professional contributors to deliver high impact training with top quality. The content is based on the latest, most extensive research on leadership and personal development. Our aim is to empower 25 Female Leaders to enter top management level, and realize their full potential in these roles.

1 day a month

Step Ultimate

Learning Program



60min x 7 sessions



2 hours per month




SHE Leads is an Executive Leadership & Mentorship Program, Designed to Encourage and Enable Female Leaders to enter
Top Management Roles

SHE encourages you as a top leader to empower and provide support for female leaders to step into top management roles. It´s not only fair, it´s also more profitable. Together we can make a difference in reaching UN´s sustainability goals for 2030.

Our Future Top Leaders

Kopi av Camilla_Hagen_Sørli_4.jpg
Camilla Hagen Sørli
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Jaquelyn Burton 3.jpg
Jaquelyn Burton
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Helene Johansen 3.jpg
Helene J. Facchini
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Agnieszka Sledz 4.jpg
Agnieszka Sledz
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Farhat Khan 6.jpg
Farhat Khan
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Katrine  Malmer-H.
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Marte Kopperstad 3.jpg
Marte Kopperstad
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Wensing Li 1.jpg
Wensing Li
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Cecilie Kjeldsberg 9.jpg
Cecilie Kjeldsberg
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Melinda Johansen 2.jpg
Melinda Johansen
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Christine Sveen 3.jpg
Christine E. Sveen
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Marianne Laurendz 1.jpg
Agnieszka Sledz
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Hege Spaun 4.jpg
Hege Spaun
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Lene Øian
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Sabine Bartler 3.jpg
Sabine Bartler
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Una Hernes Flaatten 3.jpg
Una Hernes Flaatten
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Åsa Lunde
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Elen Stiksrud 3.jpg
Elen Stiksrud
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Camilla Broch Pedersen 2.jpg
Camilla B. Pedersen
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Ingibjorg Meyer-Myklestad 3.jpg
Ingebjørg Meyer-M.
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Pia Bruhn 4.jpg
Pia Bruhn
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Simone Ingeberg 2.jpg
Simone Ingeberg
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
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