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SHE Leads Virtual

JAN 21st:  2pm - 5pm
Module 1: Onboarding and Takeoff

Establish a learning environment. Understand your learning and growth mindset. 

Use science to improve the art of relationship, through Business Chemistry. 


JAN 28th:  2pm - 4pm
Mastermind Group 1
FEB 4th:  2pm - 4pm
Module 2: Action Plan

Gain insight about your skills, whom you want to become as a leader, beliefs, and ambitions, and mold your future plan for action.

FEB 11th:  2pm - 4pm
Mastermind Group 2
FEB 18th: 2pm - 4pm
Module 3: Self-Management

Neuroscience and how our brain work. How to lead yourself. Identify your triggers and how to resolve conflicts.


FEB 25th: 2pm - 4pm

Mastermind Group 3
MAR 4th: 2pm - 4pm
Module 4: Future of Work and Leadership

What does the future look like? What are the Human Capital trends and what role will you take in solving some of the dilemmas? What are some of your biases and how to work with diversity of thoughts? What is Inclusive Leadership?

MAR 11th: 2pm - 4pm

Mastermind Group 4
MAR 18th: 2pm - 4pm
Module 5: Career Development

Understand how compensation, benefits, pay gaps, and talent acquisition can help close the gap for female leaders. How can you develop systems that encourage yourself and other female leaders to embrace top positions? 


MAR 25th: 2pm - 4pm

Mastermind Group 5
APR 8th: 2pm - 4pm
Module 6: Personal Branding, Communication Skills & Networking

Map and expand your ecosystem in work and life. Building relations with care and dedication. What is your personal brand today and tomorrow? Find and use your purpose as a driver and a way forward with inspiring and positive assertiveness. What moves do you need to learn to create buy-in moments that matter? 

APR 15th: 2pm - 4pm

Mastermind Group 6
APR 22nd: 2pm - 5pm
Module 7: Leading Effective Teams

Apply tools to shape or take part in developing effective leadership teams. Understand the human factor of change. How do you plan and facilitate the process you need for transforming your teams? 

APR 29th: 2pm - 4pm

Mastermind Group 7

Check out the leaders at

SHE Leads 2020 / 2021 

Kopi av Camilla_Hagen_Sørli_4.jpg
Camilla Hagen Sørli
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Jaquelyn Burton 3.jpg
Jaquelyn Burton
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Helene Johansen 3.jpg
Helene J. Facchini
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Agnieszka Sledz 4.jpg
Agnieszka Sledz
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Farhat Khan 5.jpg
Farhat Khan
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Katrine  Malmer-H.
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Marte Kopperstad 3.jpg
Marte Kopperstad
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Wensing Li 1.jpg
Wensing Li
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Cecilie Kjeldsberg 9.jpg
Cecilie Kjeldsberg
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Melinda Johansen 2.jpg
Melinda Johansen
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Christine Sveen 3.jpg
Christine E. Sveen
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Marianne Laurendz 1.jpg
Agnieszka Sledz
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Hege Spaun 4.jpg
Hege Spaun
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Lene Øian
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Sabine Bartler 3.jpg
Sabine Bartler
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Una Hernes Flaatten 3.jpg
Una Hernes Flaatten
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Åsa Lunde
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Elen Stiksrud 3.jpg
Elen Stiksrud
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Camilla Broch Pedersen 2.jpg
Camilla B. Pedersen
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Ingibjorg Meyer-Myklestad 3.jpg
Ingebjørg Meyer-M.
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Pia Bruhn 4.jpg
Pia Bruhn
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
Simone Ingeberg 2.jpg
Simone Ingeberg
  • Hvit Linkedin Ikon
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