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APRIL 19 | 2023

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Tinashe Williamson

// Author, Actor, and Keynote Speaker.

Jack Guinness
// Founder of the Queer Bible

Anniken Fjelberg
// Founder of Identio

Jen Lee Koss
//Founding Partner at Springbank Collective

Shruti Ganguly
// Founder and Filmmaker at honto88
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08:00 CET

Doors Open
Welcome to SHE 2023
Please have your ticket ready

We will serve coffee and light refreshments.

09:00—10:40 CET

Interrogating the Realities of Making Lasting Change​
Tinashe Williamson

Welcome by SHE


Caroline Farberger // Partner and Chair at Wellstreet

Fireside Chat:

Anette Trettebergstuen // Minister of Culture and Equality in Norway 

Danel Hammer // Equality and Diversity Advisor at the Norwegian Armed Forces

Lieutenant Colonel Per-Roe Petlund //  Gender Advisor at the Norwegian Defence Staff

Rethinking, Rebuilding and Reacting: Making Real and Lasting Change

Jan Christian Vestre // Minister of Trade and Industry  in Norway

Salamatu Kamara // Author and Disability Rights Activist

Zainab Hussain Siddiqui // VP Sustainability at Telenor Group

Building Global Resilience Through Social Equity 

Erna Solberg // Former Prime Minister of Norway and Norwegian Conservative Party Leader

Johan H. Andresen // Owner and Chair at Ferd

Jesmane Boggenpoel // Co-founder and Managing Partner at AIH Capital

10:40—10:45 CET

Introduction to sidestages and Content
Tinashe Williamson

SHE Young

Tech Stage

Ocean & Energy Stage

Finance Stage

See the program here (announced March 17th)

12:00—13:00 CET

Jack Guinness


Jack Guinness // Founder of the Queer Bible

When Diversity isn’t Enough: Embedding Social Sustainability in the Workplace

Yvonne Thompson CBE // Chair of Supported By The Wellcome Trust & The Black Cultural Archives, Black Equity Organisation, Wintrade Global Women In Business Network.

Christin Bøsterud // CEO at EY Norway

Kamilla Sultanova // Keynote Speaker and Community Builder

Evi Seljevoll // Managing Partner at Tietoevry

Building Organisational Resilience: How Embracing Responsible Business Can Offer Longevity & Success

Caroline Farberger // Partner and Chair at Wellstreet

Pablo Barrera// CEO at Haugaland Kraft

Jonas Ström // Group CEO at ABGSC

Jyoti Sohal-David // Co-founder and COO at Umbrella


Climate Change and Civic Action

Hilde Falun Strøm // Co-founder and CEO (Climate Engagement Officer) at Hearts in the ice

Sunniva Sorby // Co-founder of Hearts in the ice

14:15—15:20 CET

Developing an Inclusion Mindset
Anniken Fjelberg

Resilience and Resistance: Sports and Inclusion in Societies Today

Lise Klaveness // President of the Norwegian Football Federation

Øystein Pettersen // Public Figure

Zaineb Al-Samarai // Senior Advisor and Partner at Storm Samfunn

Gyda Westvold Hansen // Professional Athlete 

Building Resilience: A Look at Internal and External Tools for Shaping Strong Communities and Individuals

Bård Fyhn // Leadership Scholar

Tove Selnes// Chief People Officer at Storebrand

Jason Liem// Leadership and Communication Coach at MINDtalk 


Navid Rezvani // Dancer and Performing Artist


A Journey to Freedom

Abida Raja // Author

Håkon F. Høydahl  // Author and Journalist

Jawad Raja// Freelance Marketer

16:30—17:30 CET

Coming Soon
Shruti Ganguly & Jen Lee Koss

An exciting group of Global Thought leaders and Changemakers

17:30—18:00 CET

SHE Awards
Coming Soon

SHE Index Awards with EY

Audience prime time

Startup Award and Pitch Winner

SHE Awards


18:00—21:00 CET

After SHE Party
Coming Soon 

Continue networking at our After Party.

We're going directly from the Main stage to After SHE. Details will be sent out.

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