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APRIL 19 | 2023




11:00—11:45 CET

Breaking the Mould to Accelerate the Energy Transition

A Workshop by Shearwater Geoservices and Lean In Equality & Sustainability​

Join us in this workshop where we explore the ‘mould’ our societies have created and what steps we need to take to break it.

To achieve the progression that the energy industry requires, we need to leverage the full talent pool.

Meanwhile, women are scientifically proven to be more likely to receive the advice to “be more confident” than men.

In a world where we already know that women set higher standards for themselves than men in application processes, it is time that we break out of the confidence-bias.


If we want to encourage female talent to pursue their career goals, we need to be ready to accept a more nuanced picture of a leading figure than what we have seen before.


Breaking the mould should be about daring to look beyond the requirements and limitations we have envisioned, to be ready for the leaders that accelerate change.

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13:15—14:00 CET

What social sustainability challenges and opportunities lay ahead in the green transition toward a net zero world?

A Workshop by EY


Many businesses have realized how serious the climate crisis is and have already set ambitious targets toward net zero by 2050. 


There are multiple challenges in a green transition. Entire industries will need radical transformation. Local communities may lose or gain entirely new jobs. People will need to develop new skills, and employees will need access to new and greener jobs. This will happen at the same time as natural disasters increasingly affect locations and supply chains of businesses.

At the 2023 SHE conference, some of EY’s leading experts and partners will share their insights on how we can leverage the social risks and opportunities that arise out of the road to net zero.

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15:30—16:15 CET

The Road to Gender Balance &
How to make Inclusion Inclusive

A SHE Index Workshop

The legislation places ever-increasing demands on non-financial reporting, including diversity and inclusion, in addition to the fact that external and internal stakeholders want greater transparency in how companies work with this important topic.  Together we can keep creating powerful and innovative solutions to decrease social injustice and the capital gap, but how do we actually transform the workplace into a community and attractive place to work, and help team members plug into their source of power?

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11:00—11:45 CET

Ethics and diversity in tech
– an inside look 

A Workshop by Tietoevry

At Tietoevry we create purposeful technology, but what does that mean in practice and how do we handle diversity when developing new products and services?  


During this session we will share how we work at a practical level with questions of ethics, including diversity. We will look at some recent examples and share tips for how to develop a mature outlook on ethical risk. 


Join us for a deep dive into diversity in tech!  

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