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MARCH 17 | 2022







Vibeke Fængsrud

CEO & Founder of House of Math

12:00—12:45 CET

Why dumb money will never change the world
Motivated and active investors who are willing to risk their own money for changes they believe in are pivotal to change the world and drive development. Entrepreneurs without money go nowhere, and money without ideas is left in the bank.


Victoria Wæthing // Keynote Speaker, Author

Benedicte Schilbred Fasmer // CEO SR-Bank

Q&A with Bendicte Schilbred Fasmer and Victoria Weathing


14:00—14:45 CET

5 tips on how to do a successful capital raise
Doing the capital raise smart will save time and energy as well as secure more funds than if the process is run poorly. 

Jonas Ström // CEO at ABG Sundal Collier
Vibeke Fængsrud // Founding CEO House of Math

Knut Brundtland // Chairman ABG Sundal Collier

16:15—17:00 CET

How to get investors' attention
Those who manage to raise capital to survive and those who don't will sub come. So how do you get noticed, and how do you stick out as the bell of the ball?

Christopher Parmo // Partner at Verdane
Erik Fjellvær Hagen // Managing Partner at Viking Venture 
Gisle Glück Evensen //Partner at Summa Equity 
Lise Fulland  //Investment Partner at StartupLab Ventures
Yuhong Jin Hermansen // Owner & Managing Director, Fyrholmen Group, Family Office.
Ann-Kristin Pfründer // Investment Partner Norselab






Birgit Liodden 

CEO & Founder of TOOL

12:00—12:45 CET

Building the Pipeline of Female Founders in Ocean & Energy
We gather female founders across the ocean & energy sectors to explore which solutions they develop to drive the sustainable shift.

Eva Helen Rognskog // Co-Founder & CEO, SATPOS Ocean Sense

Agnes Arnadottir // Founder & CEO, BRIM Explorer

Catharina Frostad // Co-founder & CMO, Clean Sea Solutions

Kristine B. Fredriksen // Co-Founder & CEO, Ocean Oasis

Helene Ree Ruden // CEO, Ruden Geo Solution)

Christine Spiten // Co-founder & CEO, Entrepreneur Ship One

Kaare Helle // Investment Director, DNV GL Venture)

Kristin Omholt // Jensen, Founder & CEO, Maritime Optima

14:00—14:45 CET

Ocean & Energy Frontrunners - Driving Sustainable Business

A range of pioneering companies across segments & sizes presents how they drive sustainable innovation and their ambitions for developing diverse organizations.


Pia Meling // Vice President, Massterly

Marianne Hagen // Executive Vice President, Sustainability, HSSE and Communications, Aker Solutions


Agata Butterweck // Vice President Business Integrity & Compliance at Aker Solutions

Elisabeth B. Kvalheim // Senior Vice President, Equinor

Matt Duke // CEO Grieg Maritime

Tommy Sigmundstad // SVP Drilling & Wells in Aker BP

Tuva K. Flagstad-Andersen // Regional Manager at DNV

16:15—17:00 CET

The Family Companies & Founders of the Future - The Business Case for Diversity & Sustainability 
We will learn from company owners, and how they consider diversity and sustainability as key factors for driving future robustness. 

Tore Ulstein // Chair of Ulstein Group and NORCE, Board member of GC Rieber

Gunnar Carlsson // Chair & Initiator of VYRD, Industry owner/Brothers group

Bernt Skeie // Founding CEO

Alma Clean Power // CEO, Clara Venture Labs

Mette Ballari // Partner Family Business and Head of Private Client Services Norway, Chair of Board, Impact Norway




Sopra Steria.png


Kimberly Larsen

CEO & Founder of indyRIOT

12:00—12:45 CET

Diversity and Tech
How to drive innovation with culture and inclusion as a key focus. 

Lillian Røstad
// Managing Director Business Consulting Scandinavia at Sopra Steria


Espen Sundve // Chief Product Officer at Oda
Hilde Shröder Wikstöm // Enterprise Sales Manager Norway & Denmark at AWS
Eirik Norman Hansen  / Keynote Speaker / Futurist / Author / Entrepreneur / Senior Researcher
Melissa Mullholand // CEO Crayon Group
Lillian Røstad
// Managing Director Business Consulting Scandinavia at Sopra Steria

14:00—14:45 CET

Startup Pitching

7 startup companies pitching 3 min pitch and Q&A with the jury panel

Tobias Studer Andersson // Sopra Steria

Linn-Cecilie Linnemann // North Venture 
Kremena Tosheva // Snö Ventures

Lauga Oskarsdottir // Partner, Firda

Tom Even Mortensen // Sandwater

Hermine Fossum Simonsen // Young Sisters

Tobias Gabrielsen // Nordea

Christopher Parmo // Partner Verdane

16:15—17:00 CET

How to build Tech companies of the future?
How to use AI and Blockchain  to scale a company:  Meet

Fredrikke Antonie Schmidt // Roccamore Hanne Eek // Energy AI
Christian von Hanno // Atelier




Torgeir Waterhouse

Founder and Partner at Otte

12:00—12:45 CET

Future Food 
What tools do we have at our disposal to do so sustainably, and with a focus on equal access to health resources? What health lessons can be learned from around the globe?

Bob Van Oort// Senior researcher Cicero - institute for climate research
Agnes Bing Orgland //  Marketing Manager Naturli’ Orkla Foods

Louise Fuchs
// Director of Sustainability, ODA
Agnes Bing Orgland //  Marketing Manager Naturli’ Orkla Foods
Sissel Beate Rønning //  Senior Scientist Nofima
Bob Van Oort
// Senior researcher Cicero - institute for climate research

14:00—14:45 CET

Smart Cities and Future Living​

How do we live in the cities of the future?

What is the value of establishing a living lab for the development of the neighborhood and the people in the center of it?

New ways of living also places other types of demands: sharing services, innovation and technology.

How can new and smart solutions contribute to a better and greener everyday life.

Daniel K. Siraj // CEO of OBOS
Letizia Jaccheri / Professor at the Department of Computer Science of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Daniel K. Siraj // CEO of OBOS
Kristin Fjeld // Head of Communications at Polestar Norway
Tove Selnes /Chief People Officer Storebrand
Pia Fischer // Chief Concept Manager Innoasis, Nordic Edge || SpareBank 1 SR-ia Fletzia Jaccheri // Professor at the Department of Computer Science of Norwegian University of Science and Technology

16:15—17:00 CET

Gender Bias in Health Care- Why and how overcome it?
Gender bias is present in the health care systems, from policies set by institutions and organizations, to clinical research, as well as on the individual level seen in the interactions between patients and health care personnel. So, why gender bias in the health care, what are the consequences of gender bias and how overcome it??

Key note:
Walaa Abuelmagd
// Medical advisor at MSD Norge focusing on women’s cancer


Jimmy Westerheim // Founder & CEO at The Human Aspect
Walaa Abuelmagd // Medical advisor at MSD Norge focusing on women’s cancer
Ingvild Hestad Torkelsen // NOK

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