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APRIL 11 | 2024

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Dr. Chelsea Clinton
// Vice Chair at the Clinton Foundation

Jen Lee Koss
 // Founding Partner at Springbank & Advisor at Summa Equity

Shruti Ganguly 
// Filmmaker & Writer

More to be announced soon

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08:00 CET

Doors Open
Welcome to SHE 2024
Please have your ticket ready

We will serve coffee and light refreshments.

09:00—10:40 CET

​Unleashing Leadership for Global Impact
Dr. Chelsea Clinton & Jen Lee Koss

Gain profound insights from global leaders, corporate visionaries, changemakers, and activists who are at the forefront of sustainability efforts, shaping international policies, and spearheading initiatives to create transformative social impact. Leadership in the realm of social sustainability is multi-faceted and complex, requiring a combination of skills, values, and a commitment to lead both oneself and others toward the creation of lasting impact. 

Welcome by SHE

Lessons from Leadership: Global Collaboration 

Jonas Gahr Støre  // Prime Minister of Norway

Jen Lee Koss  // Founding Partner at Springbank & Advisor at Summa Equity

Dr. Chelsea Clinton // Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation

More speakers to be announced


Dr.  Laura Penn  // Founder of the Leadership Speaking School 

A Call to Action: Health Equity & Sustainable Development

Gro Harlem Brundtland  // First Female Prime Minister of Norway

Dr. Chelsea Clinton  // Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation

Jon Mørland  //  Partner and Chairman of the Board at Mørland & Johnsen


Stephen Omollo  // CEO of Plan International

SHE Award

SHE Index Award

More speakers to be announced soon.


Introduction to sidestages and Content
Dr. Chelsea Clinton & Jen Lee Koss

SHE Young

Tech & Innovation

Finance & Investment

Transformative Business 

Energy Solutions

See the program here 

16:15—18:30 CET

Jen Lee Koss & Shruti Ganguly
More TBA

This session is divided into two-parts, offering vital perspectives and approaches to economic and societal transformation.  

Opening with a panel featuring prominent corporate leaders, politicians, and policymakers, we will facilitate a transparent and challenging discussion.  

The second part will emphasize the role of personal narratives in driving change and advancing social sustainability within business, government structures, and society as a whole. Stories have the ability to connect, motivate, catalyse, and empower – making them invaluable tools for driving social transformation. 


Are we Making Business Fair for Everyone? The Balance between Assimilation, Integration & Inclusion  

Moderated by Thorbjørn Røe Isaksen // Political Editor at E24

Erna Solberg  // Leader of the Norwegian Conservative Party

Jan Christian Vestre  // Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry 

Arild Hermstad  // Leader of the Norwegian Green Party 

Sylvi Listhaug // Leader of the Norwegian Progress Party

Christin E. Bøsterud // CEO of EY Norway

Cecilie Flatum // Head of Consulting at Deloitte Norway

Kristine Dahl Steidel // General Manager for Microsoft Norway

More Speakers to be announced.

Beyond Lip Service: Who Is Being Left Behind by DEI?

Moderated by Christin E. Bøsterud// CEO of EY Norway

Tumi Sineke// Founder at Tirisanong

Tor Andreas Bremnes// Managing Director of InClue

Stephen Adom// General Manager at Skeiv Verden Oslo and Viken


Lars Erik Lund  // Executive Vice President of Strategy & Sustainability at Veidekke

More speakers and panels to be announced soon.

18:30—20:30 CET

After SHE Party

Continue networking at our After Party.

We're going directly from the Main stage to After SHE. Details will be sent out - stay tuned, more information coming soon!

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